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Cause Cellphone Battery runs out quickly, This is likely

The cell phone battery runs out quickly making activities become hampered because it is too often charging. Wasteful battery power problems are not always due to battery damage, but also the pattern of cellphone use.

Battery usage patterns and specifications affect cell phone battery life. In order to save power use your phone wisely, such as closing applications that are not used and reducing the duration of the active screen.

Launch a variety of sources, there are some things that unwittingly drain the battery of the cell phone.

1. Screen Brightness

The brighter the screen light, the greater the battery used. To make the battery last longer, use a low screen brightness, but within a comfortable range for the eyes. Using a dark colored wallpaper also makes the battery last longer, because it minimizes the light displayed.

2. Application in the Background

Even if the screen turns off, some applications keep updating their data. This makes the battery drained, because the system continues to work running applications. To avoid using too much battery, turn off the active mode in the background in applications that are not needed.

In applications that are routinely opened such as chat applications and social media, let them run in the background so that they continue to receive message notifications.

3. GPS Active

GPS periodically updates the current position of the cell phone, through an internet connection. Running a GPS system and internet connection make the battery more drained. Therefore, turn off GPS when you don’t need it and turn off GPS settings in certain applications that don’t need location updates.

4. Internet connection

When a data or Wi-Fi connection is active, the mobile phone will receive an internet signal and update data from a number of applications. The application also continues to run behind the scenes, so that suck up battery power continuously.

To save power, turn off the internet or activate airplane mode so the phone can take a break, so that the battery power lasts. This can be done when there is no activity using a cellphone, such as when sleeping at night.

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