How Electronic Cigarettes Can Benefit Your Health

Electronic cigarettes can provide you a lot of benefits. Compared to tobacco cigarettes that are not able to give you any health benefit, you will be able to experience various advantages when you switch to electronic cigarettes. This is possible through their mechanism as well as the eliquid that they use. If you do a little bit of research, you will find out that smokers have a lot to expect from electronic cigarettes. One of the best advantages they have over the tobacco cigarettes is their health benefits. In fact, this is perhaps the best thing that a smoker can get from them. Find out what they are and how electronic cigarettes can possibly provide them.

eliquidAlmost all of the people who puff tobacco cigarettes suffer from various health problems. It is already proven that those cigarettes can cause harmful effects towards the people that inhale the smoke that they produce. This means that even the people who accidentally inhaled the second-hand smoke can already suffer from serious health risks. This is a problem that a lot of people find hard to solve or even just lessen. We all know that tobacco cigarettes are highly addictive because of their uncontrollable nicotine content. This is the reason why despite how dangerous tobacco cigarette smoking is, most users cannot quit easily.

If you do more research about the harmful side effects that tobacco cigarette smoking can cause, you will be able to see countless health issues. A smoker might not notice them right away. This is because they do not take place overnight. They slowly develop with every tobacco cigarette stick a person uses. You might think that you can simply quit before the risks get worse. The problem is, the high nicotine content of tobacco cigarettes can quickly get you hooked up. Before you know it, you are already addicted. This addiction can occur even before you experience any signs of the health risks that it can cause. If a person is already addicted, then the side effects will be able to develop freely. The smoker’s health condition will already be out of his control by then.

Fortunately, with all of the ineffective smoking cessation methods that have popped out everywhere, there is now a solid solution to this problem. If you are one of the people who are experiencing the same situation, you will be happy to know that an electronic cigarette and an eliquid can save your fall. These products will not only help you control your addiction to smoking, they can also help you stop any health problems from getting worse. This is because the eliquid that electronic cigarettes use will not give you the same harmful effects as tobacco cigarettes do. If the health conditions that you suffer because of the tobacco cigarettes can still be cured, you will still be able to treat them. The first step that you need to take is to switch to electronic cigarettes.

If you are currently treating yourself from the bad effects of tobacco cigarette smoking, that is good. However, it will never be good enough if you are still using tobacco cigarettes. Your efforts will just go to waste. There is no point treating something if you are still doing the very thing that caused it. All the time, efforts and money you spend for it will be useless. The good news is, you will be able to get real results if you switch to electronic cigarettes. First of all, you will not get any harmful effects. Secondly, you will stop the health problems from getting worse if you do so. Moreover, the methods of treatments you follow will finally be effective because of it. All of these things are possible because of eliquid.

Landing Page Flaws A SEO Service Can Rework

There are a lot of pages online that you will need to work within if you want to make a push forward for marketing glory. Most people don’t realize how important the different pages that exist today are, and it’s because they don’t fully grasp the scope of search engine optimization as it is used today. Most people assume that the acronym SEO stands for something solitary, instead of understanding that it means something more. SEO stands for search engine optimization and the definition that you should know deals with a lot more than just 3 letters and a few tweaks that you can do to your website. Tweaking your site for the better is good, but it’s not the only thing that you can do to gain market share. In fact, you will need to understand that there are several components that need work within the banner of optimization today. If you want to gain marketing prowess, you will need to hire a SEO service that can help you build on the elements of search engine optimization for the betterment of your page.

Among the different pieces of information protocol that you need to work within, you will need to work on landing pages. Once you start setting these up, you will realize that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to gain influence overall. There is no shortcut here, although some people assume that these pages are in essence a shortcut. In order to make sure that you get a lot of traffic, you need to look at this with all new eyes, and make sure that you hire a SEO service that can help you leverage these in the correct manner.

The Flaws Start With Design

SEOMost people have worked on pages and didn’t realize that they were landing pages. This is especially true for blogs. If you have a blog set up, every page that you update, and every post that you unleash on the internet is going to cause you a great deal of headache, especially when you realize that those pages become the landing points of traffic that you get. You can either become a skeptic about this, or you could look at how information is delivered to people on the internet.

When someone looks for information online, they are given a great deal of options. Those options are rarely just 1 home page. They are given pages within a site, nested among the content, and isolated to deliver relevancy to the end user. The post that you had praising potato salad, for instance, may be an update from 2 years ago, and that’s going to become the landing page for John Smith, looking for enthusiasm about that. It’s that type of thinking that can either make or break the protocol of landing page design.

Fixing The Flaws

The flaws you may not see are in regards to the way you treat pages that you’re updating. When you hire a professional, they will do an audit to your site and will be able to pull information pertaining to traffic design and much more. When traffic is found to be hitting these subpages, they need to get updated with a clear message and a call to action. If you are not thinking about the call to action on these pages, then you are dropping people out of your page without having interaction. The call to action for bloggers could be commenting, or purchasing items through an affiliate link. These two elements can make or break the way your site functions, and most people don’t think about fixing the flaws here.

A professional will be able to take on these elements and giving a sense of accomplishment when you start to see more sales, conversions, and comments hitting your page. Even if you’re getting a limited engagement, it’s much better than getting no attention at all, right?

The Process Takes Time

The process of search engine optimization, especially in regards to fixing the fatal flaws of landing page design is an important thing to consider overall. You may not think that you need all of this, but it’s definitely something that will help you over the long term. Most people don’t understand that the race of internet marketing is something that takes a long time to implement. You may think that you can get away with search engine rankings that rely heavily on content marketing alone, but you will be wrong.

As mentioned above, the process of implementing SEO properly takes a lot of time. You may disagree, but you will see this in action when you hire a SEO service that will deliver the right elements to your page, and convert traffic that is landing on your blog posts, and updates, into landing pages for the future. Getting a leg up on competition in today’s marketing world means that you need to do more with your updates than let them die. Too often people just let the past die and fester, hoping that they can build readership across new updates, but that’s shortsighted. Hire a pro and you’ll see your old items get a new life.

Penalties for DUI: What Happens After?

After the court has decided on the penalties that a DUI offender must take, it is now time to make up for the offense and face the consequences. Most people from Utah that have been charged with DUI are found guilty. Even when you lose or win your case, it is best if you keep in contact with your Utah DUI attorney so you will still have access to someone who knows the proceedings of your case.

A reliable Utah DUI attorney also knows how to bargain for alcoholism treatments and education programs that cost relatively lower so make sure to ask for their help before entering a treatment facility. Behaving considerably during probation and accepting the punishments are just some ways on how to help your case from having even worse records. Here are the penalisations that follow after an offender is declared guilty of the DUI charge.

Time Behind Bars

lawFirst-time offenders face jail sentence of 48 hours (2 days) which can also go up to 180 days depending on the circumstances. There are judges who demand that the convicted driver do obligatory community work for 48 hours as well.

Second DUI offense that is committed within ten years after the first arrest results to jail time of not less than 240 hours (10 days) to 180 days depending on the circumstances.

Third DUI offense in the state of Utah requires the convicted person to serve jail time for no less than 1,500 hours and a license suspension of two years. The court may also decide on extended jail time if your case is punishable of graver penalties.


Under Utah law, drivers who are convicted of DUI charges must undergo screening or an assessment. Screenings are done to determine if the convicted person has alcohol or substance abuse problems which needed more medical assessment. An assessment is performed to determine the requirements for the treatment. The process includes gathering of a person’s personal information such as social roles and the status of his or her physical, emotional and mental health.


Aside from being sentenced to jail and suspended license, Utah obliges the convicted drivers to substance abuse treatments. If the screening and assessment show information that certifies the offender’s need for treatment, he or she must comply to complete the penalties. Judges also allow home confinement given that the offender is continuously monitored.

The convicted driver can ask for the help of his or her Utah DUI attorney when shelling out expensive fees for treatment. All the other fees required for the clinical procedures must be shouldered by the convicted driver.

Community Service

A DUI offender is also entitled to perform community works in as much time as his or her jail time. Community service is referred to as volunteer works that you do to help non-profit organizations. There are different non-profit orgs that benefit from community works such as homeless shelters, blood banks, animal rescue groups, and service dog associations. You may also perform community service in other institutions within the district like landfills, animal shelters, cemeteries and parks.

Make sure that you have all the necessary information needed when performing community works to serve as a confirmation of your service. List down the time and date of your community work and have it signed by the person supervising you. You can also get the name and contact information of fellow volunteers who are monitoring your work.

Don’t put wrong information on your community record just to show the court that you are doing your job. Falsification of data, even in community service, might result to bigger punishments and extended jail time. Show to the court that you are willing to make up for your offense and remember to always consult to your Utah DUI attorney for progress concerning your case.

Make Your Trading Pins Stand Out

Pin trading is considered a serious hobby by pin collectors and sports fans. It’s the practice of swapping collector’s trading pins that usually feature sports symbols, characters, animals, or brands depending on the place where the pin is acquired. Pin trading is also an act of selling or purchasing pins from stores, or people who are equally fond of this hobby. Theme parks such as Disneyworld and Universal Resorts are known to sell exclusive trading pins that feature characters from their brand. They also stage huge pin trading events that lure thousands of collectors and buyers ready to amass a pin collection from the trade-off.

Trading PinsSome people spare no effort to acquire the rarest and oldest trading pins because those are usually the most valuable kinds. In sports and youth leagues such as baseball, softball, and hockey, the practice of pin trading mostly occurs during the game. In these situations, the bigger the pin is, the better the trade is going to be. The value of the pin also depends on the team who is advancing or winning in the game. For a lot of avid pin collectors, the trading is more important than the game itself.

Today, you can easily get unique and customized trading pins from the internet. There is a population of netizens who perform their dealings through social networking sites, forums, and online chats. There are also online stores that allow pin collectors to order modified pins that come with enhancements and accessories.

In trade events, the pins that are extra jazzed-up are the ones that are being sought by collectors from different parts of the world. Enhancements can easily make your pins stand out and lure dealers to get that pin in exchange of a number of pin from their collection. Here are some of the common enhancements that you can add to your custom trading pins.

Glitters – Pins that have glitters are easily the eye-catchers because it can be seen anywhere. It also makes for a good accessory when attached to your bag or lanyard. This is also an affordable way to stylize your pin.

Danglers – this is like a second pin that hangs from the main pin. Danglers are perfect if you want to put the year that the tournament occurs or the state of the team. A dangler can be shaped depending on your preference so whether you like a ball or a banner dangling from your pin, just tell the artist about it.

Sliders – this enhancement is loved by collectors and traders alike because it allows motion to your pin. Slider is a tiny pin that is incorporated on the main pin, and slides back and forth, or up and down. This simple but cool addition can surely add extra value to your pin.

Spinners – this is the enhancement that definitely adds mojo to any trading pin. Like with the sliders, spinner shows motion by spinning or twisting. It’s like an additional pin to the main pin that can be crafted in different designs. A lot of sports pins have spinners that feature a ball rotating.

Bobble Heads – this enhancement makes a trading pin highly desirable because it usually shows the bobbing head of an athlete. A bobble head is an attachment to the pin that continuously nods. It can be customized depending on a person’s preference. Unlike the other pins, bobble heads require extra care because the attachment can fall off the spring if it’s not handled with caution.

Blinkers – this enhancement is powered by a battery that allows parts of the pin to have flashing lights. Trading pins that have blinkers are very much the sought-after kinds and they come in high value.

Pin trading is a good hobby for acquiring pins and friends as well. This is where you can find groups that have the same passion and interests as you. Just always remember to apply the proper trading etiquette when you go to one to avoid misunderstanding.

Custom Rubber Wristbands: Looking Beyond the Ordinary

Who would have thought that the lowly rubber can make its way out of the industrial zone and into the world of promotions? Of late, it had become a preferred promotional tool for both small and large business owners. If you wish to get noticed, these bands made of rubber are sure attention-getters. Consequently, if you want to be remembered for longer periods of time, the durability of these wristbands help make sure that these will be retained and worn by the recipients.

Custom Rubber Wristbands had redefined how businessmen try to build their brands to become more appealing and stronger to more individuals regardless of age and gender. Going beyond the usual bulkier items like calendars, mugs and notepads, these bands can be worn and seen by a much wider audience. In contrast to alternative promotional items that cost more, these items are very inexpensive.

Here are a number of things to look for when selecting the right marketing tool for your brand:

custom rubber wristband1. Materials: Soft PVC rubber is commonly used for Custom Rubber Wristbands because it is soft, yet durable and lightweight. To make sure that your brand gets the most exposure, it must also be strong and hardwearing. Most of today’s soft PVC rubber is also inexpensive and can be created to come in several colors and form. They are available in bright and fun hues, are very customizable and are resistant to sun, heat, moisture, cold and chemicals.

2. Sizes: Whether the business wants to capture the male or female market or the young and the old, the correct size of Custom Rubber Wristbands do play a giant role in how you wish to get your message across:

• 1 Inch Thick bands: A particularly popular choice among companies, the additional width of the band ensures that there are extra room for artwork, logos or any custom messages. These are twice the width of ordinary bands and may definitely make your message a standout. Big boned adults of any gender can wear this without feeling these are too small for them. It’s the most effective size to decide on for specialty advertisement.

• Skinny bands: Measuring 1.5mm in thickness and 5mm in height, these skinny bands are versatile and fun to use. Though restricted to around 25 characters in phrases, it’s a novel arm candy to consider if the business is targeting the feminine market. These bands can be worn in groups of two or more without appearing chunky unlike the thicker bands that majority of companies are using. Most of these skinny bands are available in solid, swirl or stripes and provide a much needed style option than the earlier Custom Rubber Wristbands. Eye-catching bands are turning into fashionable selections to create brand awareness for many firms.

3. Affordability: Selecting the proper tool to market your product depends on the budget of your company. These bands are very affordable while ensuring that it reaches a large variety of your targeted audience. It is helpful for start-up businesses who are just starting to carve a niche within the trade and for other big companies who are into diversified promotions.

4. Ease of distribution: Weighing less than a pound, it is no wonder that these Custom Rubber Wristbands are very much in demand as marketing instruments. For companies who use the mail to send out promotional items, the size and weight of the items are vital and can add up to the postage costs. Most businesses additionally offer out these bands directly to their patrons and target market. Since these are small and lightweight, they can be worn easily and straightaway.

A Trip to Your Baldwin County Eye Doctor

Even if you think you have clear vision, it is important to have an annual eye exam. Such a test is not only those with bad vision but it is for everyone. When you undergo this exam, you will be able to know if you do have eye problems prior to their symptoms showing up. Your Baldwin County eye doctor would be able to know if you have health problems such as diabetes. This article will tell you how to prepare for this visit.

If you never had an appointment with your eye doctor or if your last one was a few years ago, you need to visit him soon. Make sure that before making this trip, you have the basic necessities. These include your contact lenses and eye glasses. Days before your scheduled visit, do not put on your contact lenses so that your doctor will get the correct measurements of your eyes. Call up the clinic of your chosen eye doctor and inquire the number of days you should refrain from wearing your contacts.

eye doctorAside from contacts and glasses, bring with you the list indicating allergies or health conditions you suffer from. Also have with you a list of all the questions you want to ask about the health of your eyes. List down the supplements and medicines you are presently taking and show this to your doctor. You should also bring with you your insurance details to see if your policy covers eye care.

You should know what shall happen when you have an eye appointment with your Baldwin County eye doctor. Once you finished accomplishing the necessary paperwork, your doctor will ask you to go to his examining room. You may be asked by him regarding your health as well as eye diseases any family member may be suffering from. Your doctor will also examine both your distance and close vision by reading charts containing random letters of different shapes and sizes. He may also check how you see in 3D, how you perceive color and how your side vision is.

Using a tonometer or puffs of air, your eye doctor may test your eye’s pressure. This is to check if you suffer from glaucoma.

Your doctor may also check closely all your eye parts. He shall dilate your eyes using specific drops so that your pupils will open widely. He will then clearly see what is going on inside your eyes.  When your eyes are dilated, they become sensitive to light so you will need to put on sunglasses till the effects of the drops disappear. For this, you may need someone to take you home.

Expect other tests to be performed on you by your Baldwin County eye doctor. These tests shall depend on your age and health. They would be able to detect if you have arthritis, diabetes, hypertension or glaucoma. Once your doctor detects something unusual, he may refer you to a specialist.

Your initial appointment with your eye doctor may take a couple of hours or less. Aside from getting examined, you may be fitted for an eyeglass prescription. After the first visit, the succeeding trips will not take much time.

Prior to leaving the clinic of your doctor, get a duplicate of your prescription should you require one. You should also be aware where to obtain your new eyeglasses or contact lens. Get instructions from your doctor regarding the usage of medications prescribed to you. Lastly, schedule another appointment with your doctor for a check-up.

These are the things you should be aware of before you pay your Baldwin County eye doctor a visit.

In the Mood for Unique Biker Patches?

Biker patches are usually sewn or ironed on a leather jacket or vest to help accentuate the biker’s standing. They are typically made with a sewing technique that involves artistic shaping of several colors and patterns that give life to these patches. This technique is called chain stitching.

B-5Chain stitching is a technique in both sewing and embroidery where the stitches are looped to form a chain-like pattern. This technique dates back 3,000 years ago and is a traditional cloth-making approach employed by many diverse cultures. In the early days of the biker subculture, chain stitching was the preferred technique in creating biker patches due to their potential of creating unique designs from thousands and thousands of chain stitches. Nowadays, it is seeing a revival, as both biker clubs and individual bikers prefer the old-fashioned look these patches give off. There are patch makers who take advantage of advancements in machine sewing technology to recreate the old-fashioned look while improving durability.

Other technological advancements in sewing, embroidery, and cloth-making have given rise to biker patches that are made with techniques other than the traditional chain stitching. To amplify a biker’s uniqueness, these patches can be used, too.

Embroidered patches allow more room for colors and patterns compared to traditional chain-stitched patches. As a result, the designs look more detailed and lifelike. A patch maker can develop a design using a graphics program such as Photoshop and then “print” it using a high-end sewing machine that can do detailed embroidery in no time at all.

Leather patches can be used to complement the leather used in making the jacket or vest. A printing technique is applied onto genuine leather to ensure that the colors will never fade away or be rubbed off. This technique is called dye-sublimation printing, which makes use of heat to transfer the dye to the base leather. The dye comes in panels depicting the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color standard. The panels are embossed into the leather using the dye-sublimation’s heat press and are then permanently integrated into the leather’s fibers in seconds. Like embroidered patches, leather patches allow for more colorful and detailed designs. Leather patches also present another advantage: once they age, their quality enhances and the colors become more vivid.

Metallic and rhinestone patches, as indicated in their name, integrate trace amounts of metals as well as rhinestones to enhance their look. While metallic patches often express power, toughness, and durability that metals naturally have; rhinestone patches are often used by lady riders to express their femininity while still retaining their bad-ass attitude.

Reflective patches use the same approach as chain-stitched and embroidered patches, only that the threads used to make the patches are slightly different. The threads are made of reflective silver and are available in different colors. Once the headlights shine on a reflective patch, they light up brilliantly in the darkness in an approach similar to glow-in-the-dark products. For this reason alone, reflective patches are recommended for use in jackets and vests that are worn during nighttime rides.

As sewing, embroidery, and printing technologies become more advanced, biker patches take on a life of their own. With different manufacturing techniques to choose from, a beginner biker can choose either the traditional approach as an expression of brotherhood and respect for fellow bikers, or he can use patches made with newer techniques to emphasize his lone wolf status but still retain his camaraderie with other bikers. The combination of vast designs of patches and the vast techniques in manufacturing them results in lots of options and lots of means of self-expression.

How to choose the right TL-15 safe?

Nowadays, every home should have a safe to protect their valuables such as jewelry, gadgets and extra cash because buying a safe will not only protect you from burglars but also from fire and natural hazards. When choosing the right safe to invest in, there are many possible products to choose from and each one has its advantage.

Firstly, when buying a safe, be sure that it has a working lock. The TL-15 safes available in the market usually come with combination locks. It is important to test the lock first before getting it because even combination locks tend to malfunction. Look into how these safes are manufactured; they are often engraved with the Underwriter’s Laboratory, Inc. mark. UL is an international company which specializes in the certification for the safety and durability of electronics, appliances, machines, plastics, wires and locks, so they set the standard for almost everything. As a tip, those who are planning to buy TL-15 safes should get those with locks under U.L. group 2 or better because these locks can withstand semiskilled manipulation attacks. What does that mean? The lock will not be destroyed by simply punching in random numbers and the clicks will not be heard when someone tries to listen to it with a stethoscope. When choosing a safe,try those with trusted locks such as ABUS, Masterlock or Sargent & Greenleaf.

When picking a safe, make sure that it is made of water-proof, shock-proof and fire-proof material. The standard material used in most TL-15 safes is stainless, solid steel. As a tip, the door of the safe should be at least half an inch thick; anything thinner would be breakable by burglars with heavy safecracking equipment such as torches and drills.

One of the most TL-15 safesimportant features when looking for a safe to buy is the relocker. It is a mechanism which keeps the safes locked when a burglar is attempting to open it. Even if the lock is broken, there would be a second lock which he would have to destroy. There are basically two kinds of relockers; each one has its own advantage. The relock trigger is an internal relocker which is activated when the dial spindle is destroyed. The other kind is called an external relocker; it functions the same way as the internal one. The only difference is that the other one is located internally and the other is activated outside. Most safes include one or more relockers, the more relockers you can afford, the better. In case of a burglary, your valuables will be safe inside because the relockers will be activated.

TL-15 safes come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the size you’re going to buy would depend on the things you would put inside it. Note that bigger safes are advised because they are not easy to carry. In case of a burglary, they wouldn’t be able to carry it out; although, be careful when placing safes on the second floor or above. It is not safe to place heavy objects above ground level especially if the structure of the building is not that strong.

Choosing the right one from all the available TL-15 safes may be a tough decision, but once you buy it, you will not regret your decision. Safes are the best protection against theft and fire. Be sure to buy safes with the right size and weight, right number of relockers, right durability and right materials used. Once you have bought the safe you want, decide whether you install it yourself or hire a professional. As a tip, it is recommended to hire a professional so that you would know that the safe is properly installed.

Street Styles and Street Art in Crooks and Castles

When you take a nice walk along the streets, it is sometimes inevitable to come across a wall that is spray-painted with words and cartoons of protests with political humor. During the earlier years, this was frowned upon by society because it was considered as vandalism. Bold and colorful, the vandals’ artworks contain puns pertaining to politics and national issues, and sometimes just the rants of a gang that passed it by on the night before.

The mimicry of politicalCrooks & Castles figures and the act of turning social dilemmas into jokes were seen as a mark of an environment’s hostility. It was not deemed pleasing to the eyes, so the local maintainers of cleanliness would paint the walls to erase the vandals until sets of gangs begin writing on it again.

Today is a different story, this mode of expression has evolved from pure vandalism into a form of visual art when the people saw a potential in the young’s fondness of doodling their opinions on public places—as if marking their territory; to emphasize their freedom, since the voices of the underdogs were almost never heard, they took their protests to public spaces for everyone to see. This has become the art of graffiti.

Crooks and Castles is a brand of clothing that is also known for this kind of expression. Having been born in a neighborhood with a certain kind of hostility, the clothes in their market are territorial marks as well. With designs that rebel against the norm of what “fashionable” should be, Crooks and Castles is now being known as the clothing line that vandals on t-shirts to make their stories available to the public.

Guns, chains, snakes and other gangster inspired designs are the themes of their clothing. Incidentally, the design that they were first known for is a graphic print of Medusa, a creature in ancient mythology with snakes on her head that is notorious for luring mere mortals and turning them into stone once captured by the looks of her eyes. Crooks and Castles was able to lure streetwear fans and made them in stay in their castle because of their fashion trends.

Street art is also called urban art because unlike other paintings, it has the freedom to exist on places outside the paper. Aside from that, it is also referred to as guerilla art which is something site-specific. The dynamics of this kind of art is connected to the modern day daily experience. Crooks and Castles is a brand that can be related to this kind of art form. It takes art to the streets in the same way because its clothes are designed to be comfortable yet stylish in its own account for a day in the outside world.

There are a lot of new emerging kinds of art, and street fashion is one of them. Crooks and Castles is bold in their designs, shameless and unafraid, their graphic expressions of their own protests in favor of the villains of everyday life who live like crooks until they live in a castle. There is something about necessary evil that peaks the speculations of the public. The Crooks not only stand for fashion but also for a freedom of expression. They oppose that fashion should always follow a certain measurement of symmetry and they support the women’s advocacy of not being contained in a standard set by the majority in the fashion industry. This fashion shop blur the lines of fashion for women by creating designs especially for ladies but were inspired from their men’s collection.

Streetwear and creative vandals are both forms of art that not only have swag, but also have dignity and just the right amount of courage to let themselves be.

The Many Uses of Misters

Misters are simple tools. They turn liquids into mist. But this simple tool can be used in lots of things for varied applications.

As a cooling device

Misters turn water into fine mists that help cool the surrounding air. The fine mist evaporates quickly, in a process called “flash evaporation”. As the mist evaporates, it brings with it the heat. The air left becomes cooler. Misters can reduce the heat by as much as 20 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of pressure and the nozzle used.

As a plant water mister

Some plants grow best in when hydrated frequently. Take orchids as an example. Orchids grow healthy leaves, stems, roots and flowers when they are constantly and properly hydrated. While these plants do love water, too much can cause the plant parts to rot. Pouring water from water can drench the stems, leaves and flowers. When this happens, the plant is more susceptible to fungal diseases. Fungi also love to thrive in moist areas. The parts may also start to rot. Too much water to the roots can make them soggy and mushy. An alternative is to use humidifiers. They make the air humid. Moisture in the air is absorbed by the orchid, keeping it moist, much like the environment in rainforests where orchids come from. The downside is that humidifiers can be very expensive. Another alternative to keep orchids adequately and safely hydrated is by using misters. Yes, this is a very versatile device. Put water in the mister bottle and spray the fine mist on the orchid. The adjustable tip or nozzle allows control of how fine the mist is released. For best results, the tip is adjusted to the finest setting. The fine mist will adequately keep the orchid moist but not drenching wet. Orchid specialists recommend using clean rainwater to mist the orchid, followed by misting with clean tap water. Avoid using hard water, which is high in mineral content. It leaves chalky deposits on the plant surface. These deposits hinder photosynthesis (plant food production) and predispose the orchid to infestations and diseases. Chemically softened water is also a no-no when misting orchids. The chemicals can damage the plant as well. Use water that is at room temperature or lukewarm. Cold water will shock the orchid and kill it. When misting, the best time is in the mornings. This will allow mist to evaporate better. Misting at night may cause dark spots to form on the orchid. Allot 1 to 5 minutes when misting, depending on the climate. Dry climates may need longer misting times than in more humid areas.

Aside from orchids, other plants can benefit from misting, too. Plants such as ferns, English ivy and aroids thrive better when misted.

As an oil dispenser in cooking

Misters can turn any liquid into mist, including oil. Oil misting is becoming more acceptable in the culinary arena. Oil mist provides a more even and lighter oil coat on pans and grills. It reduces the use of too much oil to prevent food from sticking to pans and grills.

Oil misting can also be used over dough. The fine oil mist provides a very light oil cover on the dough that gives a very appetizing golden brown shine when done baking.

In salads, misting is also applicable. Vinaigrettes are prepared and placed in misting bottles. Sprayed over salads, misters allow for more even coating of the salad ingredients. Pouring dressing on salads result in some parts with too thick dressings and some areas with no dressing at all. In order to coat evenly, a lot of mixing is required, which often wilts the fresh salads. With a mister, salads are better coated without the need for too much handling.

As a personal beautification system

Misters can be used as part of a beauty regimen. Frizzy hair can be controlled effectively in a flash. Mix purified water with aloe vera gel, jojoba oil and vegetable glycerine. Place in a mister and spritz all over the hair. The fine mist is better able to penetrate the hair strands, leaving it smoother and easier to manage.

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